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This is where you’ll learn a little more about me…I promise it’s more than you wanted to know. But first, how about a picture of me and the missus from a couple of years ago when we were all dressed up with a Mardi Gras ball to go to…


My name is Duane Touchet (you should already know this from several sources, my name and the name of this website, the fact that it’s on the subtitle of the blog, etc). I have a BS in Computer Science from UNO and work as the CEO of a programming company. My wife is a very busy woman. I grew up in the country outside of Abbeville, Louisiana. My wife Victoria is from New Orleans.

We have a wonderful daughter Grace who was born around Thanksgiving 2002. A C-section was required and we ended up eating turkey in Lafayette General Hospital. It actually wasn’t that bad. Maybe we were just thrilled at having a healthy baby since Victoria was considered risky for a pregnancy. Kudos to Dr Meaux for taking the extra care and making sure Victoria stayed healthy for Grace. Kudos also to Victoria to excercising and keeping her Diabetes in check during the pregnancy. The funny thing is that towards the end of the pregnancy, Grace would only stop kicking when Victoria was in the pool doing water aerobics so Victoria kept that up until 3 days before Grace was born. Grace was born 6 lbs 8 ounces which is extraordinary for a baby born to a mom with diabetes (she had it long before Grace was born but had brought it under control with diet and exercise before she became pregnant).

We all live in a little house in the country. So I’ve lived in the country, moved to the city (New Orleans) where I met my wife and tried city-life, and came back full circle to living right next door to where I grew up. I like the fact that Grace will go to the same country elementary school that I went to and she will be able to play in the same big yard I did without worrying about gang shootings and other city stuff. We’re close enough to Lafayette and New Orleans to take trips to see the parts of city life we like (i.e., Museums, Plays, Mardi Gras, etc).

I post on here when I feel like it, not necessarily regularly, but will try to get more on here as Grace is in school now and there will be more stuff going on in our lives. If you need to get in touch with me, my email address is my first name then the number 2 at thetouchets dot com.


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