It’s been almost a year since my last post. In that time, we’ve been busy.
Victoria and I have been studying Aikido and enjoying it very much.
Grace has also started studying Judo. I need to setup a tripod to take a family picture with everyone wearing their Gi.

We’ve also not missed DirecTV. We did end up getting Hulu to replace some of the better shows we wanted to watch, but reading, playing, and conversation has replaced a large chunk of the time that used to be devoted to TV. Grace has been on the Honor Roll all year. If you find yourself a slave to the TV, turn it off and you’ll be glad you did.

Some friends of ours have started a Mardi Gras Krewe in New Iberia devoted to zombies…Krewe of Zombody. If you’re interested, there is a facebook page Click here for Zombody to love.

That’s all for now. May have some important news in the next couple of months, but I’ll tell you later.


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