Cruising the Triumph

We recently returned from a cruise to Mexico. I kept a long-winded (like everything else I do) journal. We’re still in the process of getting pictures, videos, and scans ready but I’ll have a post here soon to tell you all about it.

Like our first cruise, this wasn’t exactly as planned but it was a wonderful cruise and as usual we met some wonderful people along the way. I’ll be telling you all about it soon.

Until then, drink a froo-froo drink for me. Enjoy the few pictures I have uploaded already…

Grace is excited with her cousin Gabby on Embarkation day.

Grace’s first step on board Carnival Triumph.

Grace and Hunter, who ate dinner with us every night.

Barman, show us some magic! He was really good at up-close magic with rings, cards, and rubber bands.

Grace and Victoria just off the ship in Cozumel.

Grace and Victoria building a bear…. ahem…Cat



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