For those of you who like movies, let me tell you about our latest service.

We just (last 2 months) joined Netflix and love most of it. We used it to catch up on 5 seasons of a show we just discovered and love called: Numb3rs

We also use it to watch older movies, The Cat From Outer Space, Murder on the Orient Express, etc.

We use the DVD at home and the online viewing parts. The online viewing is like a decent VCR due to our slow internet conneciton, but it’s still worth it since I’m mainly concerned with the storyline and don’t need HD quality like many. If I want realism I’ll go outside and look at the trees and sky.

So, if you like movies and don’t feel like buying $100 a month in DVD’s, Netflix’s sub-$20 subscription for 3 at a time is wonderful. For $240 per year we can watch over 200 movies at home (and another 100-200 online) making it less than $1 per movie to rent. If there’s any movies we watch over and over, we can then buy the DVD. I wish we would have had this before we bought a few dud’s (Pirates of the Caribbean 2 to name one). I know the downside is that you don’t own them, but not all movies need to be owned, some are nice to just watch once a year or so. We’ve been able to watch movies we would have never otherwise seen, some of them great. The example is one we watched online last night, a wonderful British romantic comedy called Cashback. Watch it, you’ll like it.


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