Sometimes I love my doc!

Especially now…after 7 days of Levaquin ™. My sinus infection is down to nothing and I’m sleeping much better. So good in fact, I slept through the alarm this morning. I think I’ve caught up on the sleep debt I’ve been in. The good thing is now I can have my red wine again with dinner. 

The bad news is that it seems like Victoria may be coming down with the same thing and since she takes way more antibiotics each year than me, it’s a little more trouble than my infection. For some reason, I get a bad sinus infection between Sept and Nov each year. A week of antibiotics and I’m better for the year.

Now, I’m doing the “yogurt thing” to replenish the good critters in my system because the antibiotics do have a nasty side affect with me and it’s not pretty for a few days. I’m almost back to normal so the daily running starts again tomorrow.

Also, I’m doing much better in my programming since I can breathe at work and actually think. I still haven’t forgotten my promise to myself to see about going for that PhD but it may have to wait until next Fall since I haven’t taken the GRE yet. Too bad they couldn’t use my score from when I first went to USL and was about to graduate (a score of 2020 I think it was). That was a long time ago though, so I guess I’ll have to buckle down soon and retake it. I’m pretty much decided on Simulations though. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I’m working on re-creating John Conley’s famous Cell program to get into the mode of thinking about simulations. The next step will be in January to go to USL bookstore and pick up a Computer Simulation textbook and go through it on my own. With the Amazon EC2 clouds online, I may even be able to run the simulations remotely. I haven’t looked into what the CPU cycles cost on them.

Well, that’s it for now….I’ll let you know when I have more to say.


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