I looked into the solar off-the-grid and it was really way more expensive than I calculated. The reason….because we use tons of electricity. So last week in the mail arrived a Kill-a-watt which is a small device that measures electricity usage. So far, the fans use less than I thought and the A/C and refridgerator uses way more than I thought. So, if I take away the A/C and fridge, the solar panel would work. Maybe a way to go about this would be to go solar on the other stuff and see if I can get the most efficient items on A/C and fridge and see about setting up a solar system just for them, with a standby generator (actually an addon to the 5000 watt generator we already have for hurricanes) for those cloudy days.

I’m still not sure….the stuffed up sinus and chest congestion isn’t helping my thinking this week. My daily runs had to stop as well until I get better. If it doesn’t clear up in the next few days, I’m going to see the doc and make sure it’s not getting worse. I still can’t hear any crackling with the stethoscope so I think I’m still good. Hot lemony tea and soups are helping clear the nasal passages a bit as well as those hot showers, but they don’t always work. My rule is always 7 days to let the virus run it’s course and if it gets worse, then see the doc before I get pneumonia.

Well, I will post back later for another update.


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