Hurricane Gustav

hit us pretty hard. There’s no power here. It’s been almost a year since Dad died and during these stressful times I really miss him more than before.

The house lost a piece of tin and some shingles. Mom’s refridgerator died and we’ll have to replace her food and especially her insulin that was in there. Luckily, she was in the hospital being treated for some problems when Gustav hit, so she’ll be ok. If she had been home that would have been much harder.

My real pet peave today is Entergy. Ever since they bought Gulf States back when I was a kid, the service we get out in the country is horrible. There is a road .5 miles away that is on SLEMCO and we can always see that they have power while we don’t. Well, Gustav is more of the same, SLEMCO is up and we are down. On TV, Entergy was talking about having to do surveys while LUS, SLEMCO, and CLECO was out actually restoring power. We really need to ressurrect that bill that tried to get passed awhile back giving us choice in our utility.  I would drop Entergy in a heartbeat. I’m sure hundreds of thousands would go with me which is why Entergy launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign to scare people into fighting the bill. Monopolies are only good if the government keeps a good reign on the company and even then, it’s usually a really bad thing. This country is all about free enterprise…after all, what if your Ford dealer made your car so it only used Texaco gas and wouldn’t work with Chevron?  You’d have a fit. This is no different. They ran the power lines to our house over 40 years ago and they still claim they need to keep a monopoly so they can keep paying for the infrastructure. BULLSH*T! They want to keep the profits and will only replace equipment when it actually dies. How would you like if your hospital waited until that lung machine died before replacing it? Someone would die but only 1 person. You wouldn’t stand for that and I think we need competition so Entergy can’t do the same thing.

I’m not holding my breath as I know they buy off politicians like I buy underwear. So I have two options, move, or get off the grid. I really don’t want to move since I was born here and I want to stay to take care of my Mom. So off-the-gridd it is.

I’ve emailed a few installers and one is coming out next week to see about installing an off-the-grid system. I’ll let you know who I choose and how it goes. It’s time to stick it to the man and that’s what I’m going to do. Luckily, I have a good job and zero bills. It’s been nice not having a house or car note, but I think it’s time for a loan so I can kiss Entergy goodbye.

– Duane

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