Change of plan…

….diet plan that is.  I know in my heart that all diets work on a calorie-based burn more than you eat. However, I have a hard time losing weight on most diets. I’ve changed tack a little from the You diet and switched to a more Ornish-based diet. That being said, I’m eating TONS more fruits and veggies. Yes, including potatoes, but they don’t make up very much of my diet. Also, soft drinks are not a complete no-no, but I’m down from 15 a week to 5 a week on my way down to 1 or less.  I’ve cut out the meat, cheese, dairy mostly. I don’t ask for an ingredient list in the cafeteria at work, but I don’t get the big chicken or steak. Why? Because it’s calorie dense and loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol. There’s one truth I know, non-animal sources do not have cholesterol. That being said, I also know that humans NEED cholesterol, but that’s where the liver come in, it makes however much we need. If I just trust my liver to make what I need then I don’t need to eat any of it.  I have to say I feel great on this diet. I’ve actually been waking up before my alarm clock even when I get to bed a little later than normal. There is only one downside so far…my GI tract is still adjusting to the increase in fiber so I have to go more often than normal, but last time I went veggie that side-effect went away after a few weeks.

So, I’ll be a little vain and publish side shots of my gut, before and after, once I get down to the size I’m shooting for. Who knows, maybe I can make it into Men’s Health magazine’s Belly Buster page.

Well, don’t forget to enjoy the wrestling we put on at Bayou Classic Wrestling.

– Duane

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